Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need some self-booster?

People usually believes in self motivation. Some will talk to the mirror, some will talk down on someone and some may just start reading some self motivation books. 

People also belives in self booster. Some will eat to their hearts content, some will drink and laugh their hearts out and some will just go for a quick holiday.

For me, I only believe in 3 things that will give me both the motivation and a boost. 

1. Holiday (if I have time)
2. Good food with loved ones
3. KARAOKE!!!!

Who cares whether you can sing.
Who cares whether you are pretty.
Who cares whether you can perform.

You will never believe how much you can gain from going to a karaoke. I know I get to feel like a superstar for a moment, eat all I can and be with my loved ones ALL IN ONE PLACE AND AT THE SAME TIME. Don't you think it's a time saver? Sometimes I think it's even a life saver.


koRnholio said...

well karaoke done! whats next! hehe

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