Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Lost World of Tambun: Holiday in the middle of 'nowhere'

It was a long weekend for us here in Malaysia and we really don't know what to do. To get out of town would be a pleasure but thinking of the traffic we are to face some back home would be worst than a nightmare. So, I was pestering my hubby on not wasting the long weekend that we are not gonna often. So, he surprised me with a trip up north to Ipoh for a weekend of wet wet fun!

Comes Friday and I was so excited. We are finally going  for a holiday; off to the Water Park in Ipoh; The Lost World of Tambun.  Well, basically, Tambun is a small town located slightly off Ipoh town by approx. 10 to 15 minutes. If you have never been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in KL before, you certainly should try out Lost World of Tambun; if you have been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in KL before, how could you give up the chance to another Sunway Lagoon "branch" with a different theme? Different from Sunway lLgoon theme park in KL, which located between concrete buildings, Lost World of Tambun is hidden amongst the lush greenery of Tambun, surrounding by limestone cliffs.  
You must try the slides, especially the 'Cliff Racer' and the 'Tube Rider' where the whole ride is in total darkness. It is amazing! After the heart throbing rides, you can lay back and relax either at the man-made beach or drift in the 'Adventure River'. Or even go the the 'Petting Zoo' to check out the animals there (where my skirt was almost tea-break cookie for a goat!).There are also areas for rock climbing. Not too many rides as compared to Sunway Lagoon, KL.  
Nonetheless, this I must recommend. The scenic view just allow my jaw to drop. I really didn't expect the view to be so serene and picturesque. It does give you some sort of peace and tranquility. With that, you can actually end your day with a nice 15 to 20 minutes dip in the Natural Hot Spring. It is believe to be able to heal skin matters due to the minerals in the water. However, we are advised not to be in there for more than 20 minutes as it will be too much for the body to take. Nice and smooth skin? Take a dip and you can see the difference.
They have a cafe in the Theme park, with little huts offering fruit juices and snacks. You can get lunch between the price of RM6 to RM10. You must try the waffle witih ice-cream. They really know how to pamper their customers. They actually sprinkle chocolate rice with loads of Smartie and Strawberry Syrup. Delicious!

It is not too difficult to get to this place. When you get out of the South-North Highway at the exit 139 to Ipoh, just take a left turn at the traffic light. Then just go straight along "Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara". Take another left turn at the traffic light where Pantai Putri Hospital just on your left hand side. Go straight along the road (Tambun Road). Finally, you will see the Giant shopping center on your right, and our destination - Lost World of Tambun is a bit further down on your right.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



What is love? How to love? Who to love?

These questions always mingle in everyone mind. In fact, some even gave up thinking about it. Why is it so difficult to love and to find love?

I believe in the thing call love. Love is a many splendor thing. Love lift us up where we belong. All we need is love. Doesn't this sound familiar? People promotes love. But WHAT IS LOVE? No one actually define LOVE accurately. Nonetheless, let me tell you what is love in my context (as well as what Nat King Cole spelled it out to be).
L is for the way you look at me.
O is for the only one I see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore.
Everyone already received & knows what love is from the day they are conceived. Your mother showers you with unconditional love by sacrificing her bed time to make sure you are taken care off when you are sick. Your father will get you gifts that you mentioned even when it means he have to skip lunch to queue to get it. Your brother would drive you to a destination without question even if it means he will miss the greatest football match he have waited for. You sister would make sure you gets all the support and encouragement even if she was having the worst day of her life. Your husband would rush home when he hears your crying over the phone even if he have to miss the important meeting. Your wife would prepare dinner for you even when she is dead tired from work.

I know I am very much loved by everyone around me. And I am very fortunate and grateful about it.

Now, when you receive so much love, it is time to shower others, especially those unfortunate ones and show them what love really feels. The kindness that comes with it. The life that it brings.

What I am trying to say is, show a little kindness and love to anything & anyone around you. And the world will be ever so beautiful.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Need some self-booster?

People usually believes in self motivation. Some will talk to the mirror, some will talk down on someone and some may just start reading some self motivation books. 

People also belives in self booster. Some will eat to their hearts content, some will drink and laugh their hearts out and some will just go for a quick holiday.

For me, I only believe in 3 things that will give me both the motivation and a boost. 

1. Holiday (if I have time)
2. Good food with loved ones
3. KARAOKE!!!!

Who cares whether you can sing.
Who cares whether you are pretty.
Who cares whether you can perform.

You will never believe how much you can gain from going to a karaoke. I know I get to feel like a superstar for a moment, eat all I can and be with my loved ones ALL IN ONE PLACE AND AT THE SAME TIME. Don't you think it's a time saver? Sometimes I think it's even a life saver.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Is longevity really that wonderful?

People always wishes for longer life span. Some even wishes for immortality, if that is even allow biologically. But is longevity really all that great? Or is it just mere human greed? Or fear of losing all they have accumulated over the years, perhaps?

I believe that living a life that is filled with great experiences, happiness and love WITHIN yourself, is most meaningful. I don't need longevity. One very simple example, which I gather watching the old Highlander movie. He lives forever. Well, at least until his head is being chopped off. How does it feel to have longevity but having the curse to see every one of your loved ones die before you. It is heart wrecking.

It is, of course, great to be able to see your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren grow up, get married and have children of their own. But if you are to give me a choice between living long with sickness or living average but fruitful, I would rather choose a fruitful life.

I want to live a life which I am being loved, able to achieve personal visions, able to eat what I can and able to return love to those without.

~The Greatest Gift is to love and be loved in return~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cycle of Life and Death

It is an emotional 1st half of the year having so many death by people known to the family. And yet there are birth of new members joining the family. Ironically, all these happened within 6 months, within 1 family. Cycle of life is really playing her game here.

Departing of loved ones is an emotional torture for the1st few months and eventually becomes emotional deprivation. Deprive to simply just hear that person's voice.

Welcoming of a new member in a family is the happiest time. A moment seeing a new life begining is nothing but splendid moments. Suddenly, the world is just filled with nothing else other than love to shower the baby.

Isn't this a total mind boggling game of life? In 1 hand, you are losing someone dear and another gaining a new life. One moment you are crying your eyes out of sadness, and no long, you are pour tears of joy.

That's life.

Children's Table Manners

Children's table manners has changed as compared to us previously. Why?

There are a few reasons that I can think off but I am sure there are many more that the public can think of.

1. Children are pampered.
2. Parents are too busy that they don't have the time to educate their children.
3. Exposure to unhealthy social manners via media such as TV & Internet.
4. Care less attitude of the adults (i.e. parents) as long as the child don't cry aloud.

Are these acceptable reasons? Or are these just excuses?

Just today while I was having buffet dinner with my family at the restaurant, people are taking food and HOT HOT soup walking around. Waiters were carrying hot tea walking around. And children was running around playing catch!! The parents are simply exposing their children to danger ignorantly. Hot liquid burn to be exact.

Should any mishap happens, who is to be blame?

I think parents are to be blame. Children are like sponge. If parents don't teach, children don't learn. So, definitely the parents.