Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Lost World of Tambun: Holiday in the middle of 'nowhere'

It was a long weekend for us here in Malaysia and we really don't know what to do. To get out of town would be a pleasure but thinking of the traffic we are to face some back home would be worst than a nightmare. So, I was pestering my hubby on not wasting the long weekend that we are not gonna often. So, he surprised me with a trip up north to Ipoh for a weekend of wet wet fun!

Comes Friday and I was so excited. We are finally going  for a holiday; off to the Water Park in Ipoh; The Lost World of Tambun.  Well, basically, Tambun is a small town located slightly off Ipoh town by approx. 10 to 15 minutes. If you have never been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in KL before, you certainly should try out Lost World of Tambun; if you have been to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in KL before, how could you give up the chance to another Sunway Lagoon "branch" with a different theme? Different from Sunway lLgoon theme park in KL, which located between concrete buildings, Lost World of Tambun is hidden amongst the lush greenery of Tambun, surrounding by limestone cliffs.  
You must try the slides, especially the 'Cliff Racer' and the 'Tube Rider' where the whole ride is in total darkness. It is amazing! After the heart throbing rides, you can lay back and relax either at the man-made beach or drift in the 'Adventure River'. Or even go the the 'Petting Zoo' to check out the animals there (where my skirt was almost tea-break cookie for a goat!).There are also areas for rock climbing. Not too many rides as compared to Sunway Lagoon, KL.  
Nonetheless, this I must recommend. The scenic view just allow my jaw to drop. I really didn't expect the view to be so serene and picturesque. It does give you some sort of peace and tranquility. With that, you can actually end your day with a nice 15 to 20 minutes dip in the Natural Hot Spring. It is believe to be able to heal skin matters due to the minerals in the water. However, we are advised not to be in there for more than 20 minutes as it will be too much for the body to take. Nice and smooth skin? Take a dip and you can see the difference.
They have a cafe in the Theme park, with little huts offering fruit juices and snacks. You can get lunch between the price of RM6 to RM10. You must try the waffle witih ice-cream. They really know how to pamper their customers. They actually sprinkle chocolate rice with loads of Smartie and Strawberry Syrup. Delicious!

It is not too difficult to get to this place. When you get out of the South-North Highway at the exit 139 to Ipoh, just take a left turn at the traffic light. Then just go straight along "Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara". Take another left turn at the traffic light where Pantai Putri Hospital just on your left hand side. Go straight along the road (Tambun Road). Finally, you will see the Giant shopping center on your right, and our destination - Lost World of Tambun is a bit further down on your right.


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