Sunday, May 16, 2010

Children's Table Manners

Children's table manners has changed as compared to us previously. Why?

There are a few reasons that I can think off but I am sure there are many more that the public can think of.

1. Children are pampered.
2. Parents are too busy that they don't have the time to educate their children.
3. Exposure to unhealthy social manners via media such as TV & Internet.
4. Care less attitude of the adults (i.e. parents) as long as the child don't cry aloud.

Are these acceptable reasons? Or are these just excuses?

Just today while I was having buffet dinner with my family at the restaurant, people are taking food and HOT HOT soup walking around. Waiters were carrying hot tea walking around. And children was running around playing catch!! The parents are simply exposing their children to danger ignorantly. Hot liquid burn to be exact.

Should any mishap happens, who is to be blame?

I think parents are to be blame. Children are like sponge. If parents don't teach, children don't learn. So, definitely the parents.


koRnholio said...

welcome back to the blogsphere.

yeap, gone are the days of 'obedient' kids

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