Friday, May 21, 2010

Is longevity really that wonderful?

People always wishes for longer life span. Some even wishes for immortality, if that is even allow biologically. But is longevity really all that great? Or is it just mere human greed? Or fear of losing all they have accumulated over the years, perhaps?

I believe that living a life that is filled with great experiences, happiness and love WITHIN yourself, is most meaningful. I don't need longevity. One very simple example, which I gather watching the old Highlander movie. He lives forever. Well, at least until his head is being chopped off. How does it feel to have longevity but having the curse to see every one of your loved ones die before you. It is heart wrecking.

It is, of course, great to be able to see your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren grow up, get married and have children of their own. But if you are to give me a choice between living long with sickness or living average but fruitful, I would rather choose a fruitful life.

I want to live a life which I am being loved, able to achieve personal visions, able to eat what I can and able to return love to those without.

~The Greatest Gift is to love and be loved in return~


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