Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cycle of Life and Death

It is an emotional 1st half of the year having so many death by people known to the family. And yet there are birth of new members joining the family. Ironically, all these happened within 6 months, within 1 family. Cycle of life is really playing her game here.

Departing of loved ones is an emotional torture for the1st few months and eventually becomes emotional deprivation. Deprive to simply just hear that person's voice.

Welcoming of a new member in a family is the happiest time. A moment seeing a new life begining is nothing but splendid moments. Suddenly, the world is just filled with nothing else other than love to shower the baby.

Isn't this a total mind boggling game of life? In 1 hand, you are losing someone dear and another gaining a new life. One moment you are crying your eyes out of sadness, and no long, you are pour tears of joy.

That's life.


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