Wednesday, May 26, 2010



What is love? How to love? Who to love?

These questions always mingle in everyone mind. In fact, some even gave up thinking about it. Why is it so difficult to love and to find love?

I believe in the thing call love. Love is a many splendor thing. Love lift us up where we belong. All we need is love. Doesn't this sound familiar? People promotes love. But WHAT IS LOVE? No one actually define LOVE accurately. Nonetheless, let me tell you what is love in my context (as well as what Nat King Cole spelled it out to be).
L is for the way you look at me.
O is for the only one I see
V is very very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore.
Everyone already received & knows what love is from the day they are conceived. Your mother showers you with unconditional love by sacrificing her bed time to make sure you are taken care off when you are sick. Your father will get you gifts that you mentioned even when it means he have to skip lunch to queue to get it. Your brother would drive you to a destination without question even if it means he will miss the greatest football match he have waited for. You sister would make sure you gets all the support and encouragement even if she was having the worst day of her life. Your husband would rush home when he hears your crying over the phone even if he have to miss the important meeting. Your wife would prepare dinner for you even when she is dead tired from work.

I know I am very much loved by everyone around me. And I am very fortunate and grateful about it.

Now, when you receive so much love, it is time to shower others, especially those unfortunate ones and show them what love really feels. The kindness that comes with it. The life that it brings.

What I am trying to say is, show a little kindness and love to anything & anyone around you. And the world will be ever so beautiful.


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