Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye to Daddy & Grandma

It wasn't an easy begining of 2010 to start with and neither is it good ending. But we are able ti live with it.

Dad was not doing good with him loosing so much weight in such a short period of time. We were of the assumption that he was under retirement depression as his massive weight shift started in Sept 2009. However, we managed to find out after his fall and things were not the same from than on.

We were mostly travelling from hospital to home for check-ups and for results. Until finally, we decided to take him to Singapore for another check with a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Li Choo, which many of my relatives have recommended her to be greatly accurate. And they were right. Dad was still hopeful that Li Choo can help. Without much hesitation, she just told my dad these exact word, "You should get the doctor to give you whatever treatment as you are severely critical." No treatment from her. 1 day after we arrived back in KL, dad was admitted for breathing difficulties and everything when downhill than. He passed away on 21 January 2010; 3.09am, 4 days after the visit to Li Choo.

I thought the year would end better with my wedding and all. However, it had to end with another goodbye.

Grandma was a beautiful lady with unspeakable elegance & an empress pride. Never will you see her without at least a nicely drawn eyebrow and face foundation. As far as I can remember, she never smells bad.... even after a day of cooking and cleaning for the festive season. But things started to turn 5 years ago when she had the blockage in the stomach. Doctor said there were some patches on the X-Ray located at the lower half of her body. She just need regular check-ups and medications.

She started to loose weight since. She was a 50kg, 5' 0"  lady. She lost her kilos until she was only 38kg, literally skins on bones. What really makes me cry, even till now, is that she waited until after my wedding and said to my aunt, "Finally, my granddaughter is married. I think it's time for me go." And from than on, her healtlh deteriorated further. She was bed ridden and her started to have difficulties in digesting her food. Her liver started to swell so large that she had to wear an XL top to fit her in. She started to have really inconsistent breathing on 24th Oct. However, she was still really alert and is able to react to our question via nodding and winks. At the end, she slipped away in her sleep, on 31st October 2010; 2.19am. 

Exactly 10 months, 10 days, 1 hour and 10 minutes after dad. Well planned.

I love you dad... I love you grandma... We misses you both so much...


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i miss them too

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